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There are no plans for Roman Reigns to lose the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship this year

Back in 2020, first reported about long-term plans for Roman Reigns to turn babyface. Back in April of this year, we reported that there were no plans for Reigns to drop the WWE Universal Championship anytime soon because the idea is to elevate him to the level of someone like Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino. was told by someone familiar with the creative process that nothing has changed and there are still no plans for him to lose the title this year and when Reigns turned heel in 2020, the plan at the time was for him to be the champion when he eventually wrestled The Rock and Vince McMahon wanted Reigns to retain the title and the idea was, and still is, for Reigns to become a top babyface.

There was a report a couple of weeks ago stating that there were discussions about Reigns dropping the title. The source who is familiar with the creative process told that Triple H is moving forward with the original plans and the idea is still for Reigns to talk into WrestleMania as champion. The details on the match are not locked in but the belief is that, if plans stay the same, Reigns would beat The Rock and then lose the title sometime after Mania. asked about the story about Reigns dropping the title at Clash at the Castle and we were told, "Yes. There was talk about Roman losing one of the belts to Drew but I don't know if Hunter was seriously considering it or not."

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The Reigns vs. Rock match is still not a 100 percent certainty and things will depend on The Rock's schedule. WWE hopes to have Dwayne Johnson available to appear on some of the weekly shows leading up to WrestleMania.

Reigns' next pay-per-view title defense will be at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia and he is not booked for Extreme Rules in Philadelphia.