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The heat on WWE star Braun Strowman is very real after his recent social media comments.

Several WWE stars, including Ricochet and Mustafa Ali, took to Twitter to essentially mock Strowman's tweets about wrestlers who do high-flying moves. Others who are not in WWE, such as Chris Jericho, Will Ospreay, Keith Lee, Will Ospreay, and others have commented as well so needless to say, there are people all around the wrestling business who were not in agreement with Strowman. 

Fightful Select reported today that Strowman has been on his best behavior while backstage since his return to WWE but "social media Braun" has been another story and WWE management is said to be aware of it. Fightful stated that at least one person in the company stated that Strowman took an immature approach.

It was noted that none of what Strowman said was part of a storyline or angle but it was suggested that Strowman could be ribbed or referenced on commentary for his stance. One wrestler stated that the tweets shouldn't have happened and that Strowman didn't come up in the business doing high flying moves and so he probably doesn't understand.

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Strowman was in the news again when he was referenced on AEW Dynamite by Jeff Jarrett. For those of you wondering why Jarrett said what he said, click here up on an incident that happened in 2017 between Strowman and Karen Jarrett.

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