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Top WWE star teases joining AEW?



WWE star Kevin Owens tweeted and deleted the coordinates to Mt. Rushmore and the tweet is causing many to speculate that he is on his way out of WWE and possibly looking to sign with AEW.

For those of you unaware, Owens (as Kevin Steen) was in the Mt. Rushmore stable with the Young Bucks and Adam Cole prior to signing with WWE. For what it's worth, Owens said in 2018 that he had signed a 5 year extension with WWE. If that is true, then it means that he would be under contract until 2023.

But, Owens could have been working when he did the interview or there was something written in the contract that could let him opt-out early. Rey Mysterio, for example, had an opt-out option after 18 months on his previous contract. A granted release request is also possible.

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Another thing worth noting is that Owens' has updated his Twitter profile to say "Almost there" in the location section. If he does indeed leave WWE then one has to assume that AEW would be very interested in signing him. Owens has not commented on the rumors.