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Torrie Wilson calls out TSA agent for incident at Orlando airport



Former WWE Superstar Torrie Wilson had a very unpleasant experience with a TSA officer at an Orlando airport recently. Wilson went on Twitter and revealed that a male TSA officer ordered a "detailed" pat down of Wilson by a female officer. She claims it was ordered in response to Wilson giggling about the male TSA officer being scared of her small three pound dog. The officer also apparently slowly pieced through Wilson's belongings as well.

Wilson also was given reason to believe that she could be kicked off her flight, as she told fans to bail her out should she be thrown in jail. Here's what she had to say:

“Officer BRACERO. #OrlandoTSA. I thoroughly enjoyed the very detailed pat down your female officer gave me. (My choice) & watching u hold, swab & look at every piece in my purse slowly. feels dirty now w/your lovely energy.

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“All cuz I giggled that u were so scared of my 3 lb dog. PS. I hope u get laid soon. Pss. It was also sooo funny that time when u laughed & told your co-worker I wanted a female pat down.

“Haha crazy huh?! If I get pulled off my plane & put in jail can someone please come bail me out?”