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Triple H on Shinsuke Nakamura and what the main roster can learn from NXT



Triple H spoke with Brian Campbell of about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On Shinsuke Nakamura: I have watched a lot of guys over the years, and there are certain talent that you're just drawn to, and that's charisma and X factor and all those things. Shinsuke brings something to the table that I haven't seen for a long time. He brings a level of charisma, a level of showmanship, that you don't see a lot of times with guys that have an aggressive style, with the striking and skill set, that he does. He's an amazing athlete. I think he's somebody I had my eye on for a long time as far as being part of WWE as a whole because I think he's that different level of performer. He's one of those guys that is harder to explain what he is because when you start to begin to say it, it doesn't do it justice. You kind of just have to say, 'You just have to see him.' Once you see him, you want to watch him again. He's that kind of performer.

On what the main roster can learn from NXT and vice versa: It's hard to say that you learn something directly from a specific brand. I feel like the business constantly changes. What fans want constantly morphs and changes. Characters that worked 15 years ago wouldn't work today. Performers that were huge 10 years ago wouldn't work today. It's constantly morphing and constantly changing. I think they will all learn from each other. I think when you see things succeed in SmackDown, they will begin to morph into Raw, and vice versa with NXT and all of it. To me, that's the exciting part about the brand extension. It creates a lot more opportunity for a lot more talent and a lot more ideas to be put out on the table and performances to take place. That gives the NXT universe much greater variety to express what they like and dislike. I think the brand extension is going to be the ultimate opportunity for the fans to express themselves more than ever and morph and change [the product] to what they want.

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