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Triple H says WWE has "moved on" despite Velveteen Dream's accuser saying the company never reached out during investigation



During today's WWE NXT TakeOver: XXX conference call,'s Jason Powell asked about The Velveteen Dream. He specifically mentioned how one of his accusers, Josh Fuller, says WWE never reached out to him during their investigation.

Triple H says WWE takes the accusations seriously and he stands by what he said during his interview with CBS Sports. He said that they didn't find anything and they have "moved on" and would rather move on to other subjects. He added that if there's something out there then they would look into it.

Here is the quote: "We looked into it, didn't find anything there in the matter of what we were looking for and we moved on. But that doesn't change the fact that we take it seriously."

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Fair or not, the perception amongst many fans is that WWE has been giving preferential treatment to Patrick Clark, the person behind the Velveteen Dream character.

There are wrestlers in the company who thought that Dream would be released and he reportedly has heat backstage for other reasons.

As noted earlier this week, Dream returned to NXT TV on last week's episode and he is scheduled to wrestle Finn Balor on tonight's show. Triple H told CBS Sports that Dream's absence from WWE TV was due to a car accident and not because of the allegations.