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Update on Matt Hardy's health and retirement rumors



It looks like Matt Hardy will not be retiring in the immediate future. As previously noted, Hardy noted on Twitter that his lower back and pelvis have started to fuse together. Prior to that tweet, he was posting messages that looked like he was teasing retirement.

Dave Meltzer reported that Hardy is in pain but it's not terrible pain and he will be undergoing a new rehab treatment that hopefully will help him.

Hardy is playing things by ear right now and his recent posts were not meant to be retirement tweets but they were put out there to let fans know that he is not going to be wrestling forever.

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Let's hope that the new rehab treatment works for him because the back/pelvis fusion sounds like something that could get worse over time. Hardy attributes this to the off the top rope leg drops he did during his career. The big one was the leg drop he did onto Edge from the top of a cage at the Unforgiven 2005 pay-per-view.

Hardy wrestled at this weekend's live events.