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Update on The Dudley Boyz exit from WWE



As noted, The Dudley Boyz agreed to terms for new contracts with WWE, but the contracts had yet to be officially executed. Both sides amicably agreed to part ways. The Dudley Boyz wrapped up their run with the company on the post-SummerSlam episode of RAW by putting over Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

In an update, The Dudley Boyz had new contracts with WWE that would see them remain with the company for 1-2 more years, and both sides agreed on it, which included financial terms. For some reason, the decision to not execute the new contracts was made and both sides parted ways. PWinsider Elite is reporting that there is no heat on the tag team, and they didn’t do anything that would make WWE want to release them. Both sides are said to be happy when it comes to the departure.

The Dudleyz will continue to operate their Team 3D Wrestling Academy in Florida and are booking indie dates.

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