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Update on the new Smackdown Women's and Tag Team Titles



The current plan, according to the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, is to add the new Smackdown titles sometime in the fall. I would presume that they want to wait until SummerSlam is over and then crown new champions at Backlash since its the first Smackdown-branded pay-per-view. That show will be a WWE Network exclusive and will not be available on traditional pay-per-view.

WWE apparently does not know yet how they will introduce the new titles because they did not have a plan set as of last week. Also, they have not come up with a name for the titles yet.

On the Bear Hug It Out podcast, Daniel Bryan confirmed that a new Women's title would be coming to Smackdown and he pretty much confirmed the news about the tag team titles during the Talking Smack post-show on Tuesday night. This is not confirmed, but I was told that the working idea for the design of the Women's title was for it to look like the Women's title on Raw but it would have the blue coloring instead of the Raw red color.

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