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Update on the rumored Brock Lesnar vs. Kevin Owens WrestleMania match

Earlier this week, Kevin Owens threw his hat in the ring for a possible match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania. As far as we know, WWE has not figured out who The Undertaker will be facing at Mania. The plan was for Taker to face John Cena. If Cena is somehow able to make a miraculous recovery then it’s still possible that the match will take place. If it was anyone else then I’d say it’s unlikely but anything is possible with Cena.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that the rumors of a possible Kevin Owens vs. Brock Lesnar match are not true and Owens was never a suggestion as a possible opponent for Lesnar. As of last week, Owens’ name has not been brought up as a possible opponent. The Owens vs. Lesnar rumor was started by Court Bauer on his podcast after Owens did an interview on someone else’s podcast where he suggested a match with Lesnar.

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