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Update on WrestleMania plans for Daniel Bryan; Randy Orton update is reporting that Daniel Bryan's opponent for WrestleMania 30 has yet to be decided. At one point the idea was to have him face Sheamus but that has been scrapped after the crowd reactions. The 2 discussed matches are either Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H or Daniel Bryan vs. Batista vs. the World Champion in a 3 way match. There is a chance that Randy Orton is not the champion by WrestleMania.

As we reported a few days ago, Randy Orton is on thin ice with the company after a backstage argument with Stephanie McMahon at the Royal Rumble. He's had other outbursts in recent months and his temper has gotten the best of him during matches. Some of the storyline comments on the air about Orton's maturity and not being the face of the company and his losses on TV in recent weeks are believed to be scripted to try to send Orton a message.

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