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Update on WWE stars who could be AEW-bound

The next couple of months will be interesting as several WWE contracts are due to expire.

On Saturday's Wrestling Observer Radio, Jim Valley asked Dave Meltzer if he's heard of any big names returning for WrestleMania. Edge's name has been rumored but Edge has claimed that he is not cleared. Hulk Hogan has been pushing for a WrestleMania match and he's been training to get in shape in hopes of getting cleared. Click here to see a recent photo of Hogan.

In response to Valley's question, Meltzer said, "I've heard more about people who are probably coming to AEW." He added, "There's rumors about Matt Hardy. Again, his contract is up in a couple of months. I think that he's doing Broken Matt Hardy segments so whether it's Impact or Ring Of Honor or that situation if you're trying to be high profile then AEW is your best bet. I would think that he might end up there."

As previously noted, Matt Hardy and WWE are not far apart on money terms. The sticking point for Hardy is he wants to be used better than he has since he knows that the next wrestling contract he signs could be his last one. At this point, there are no signs pointing to WWE giving him a bigger push. He's been treated as an afterthought in recent weeks on Monday Night Raw.

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Meltzer also noted that Marty Scurll is still a possibility to jump to AEW but Ring Of Honor is offering a lot of money to keep him. It was described as fantastic money being offered to him by ROH.

He continued, "Brodie Lee, the former Luke Harper, his deal is gonna be up in less than 3 months. The Revival, they haven't signed [with WWE]. They're being embarrassed. If you're The Revival and you don't want to [stay with] WWE, who do you want to feud with? The Young Bucks and The Revival have been setting up that feud with each other for years."

For clarification, Harper's non-compete with WWE expires in early March so he will be a free agent in 2 months. WWE has offered The Revival significant money to stay so it says a lot that they have not signed a new contract.

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