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Vickie Guerrero supports President Donald Trump's stance on the border wall

Vickie Guerrero Donald Trump

As the government shutdown continues, there appears to be no end in sight as Democrats and Republicans are at a stalemate and President Trump urges Speaker Nancy Pelosi to budge move forward on voting for the $5.7 billion needed to start the construction of the border wall. You can count former WWE Superstar Vickie Guerrero as one of the Americans on the side of Trump.

She said the following in a now-deleted tweet:

"Insight for my morning…boarding a plane this morning and 10 illegals are being flown to Houston, handcuffed returning to their country. I was talking to the customs agent…guess who is paying for their plane tickets…you and me! #ivoteforwall"

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There are several tweets still up on her timeline. You can read some of them below:

Vickie made it clear that she doesn't agree with everything Trump says but she is 100 percent in favor of border security.

As you can see in some of the tweets posted below, she is standing her ground against anyone that disagrees with her.

Based on past tweets, she appears to be a supporter of President Trump.