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Vince McMahon absent from Raw/Smackdown TV

Vince McMahon has not been at WWE TV for the past two weeks. It's interesting because McMahon is always seen backstage and he's not known for taking time off. McMahon has always been a workaholic and the stories about his work ethic are legendary. In fact, there have been countless stories from former talent and employees about McMahon no-selling injuries and no-selling times when he might be sick.

Nobody seems to know why he hasn't been at TV but he is also not expected to be there next week either and he's not expected to be backstage at SummerSlam. McMahon has been in communication with everyone on the phone during the production meeting and he is still micro-managing every single detail of Raw and Smackdown.

McMahon will turn 71 years old on 8/24.

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