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Vince McMahon and many people in WWE are big fans of Nikki A.S.H.



The big Money In The Bank win for Nikki A.S.H. (Nikki Cross) is being seen as somewhat of a "thank you" to her from certain people in WWE management.

Nikki is beloved by everyone in the locker room and she gets praised for the hard work she puts in to improve in the ring and she is getting praised for coming up with her new gimmick. The gimmick, which she came up with, is being met with a lot of praise and Vince McMahon is said to be happy with it and proud of her for thinking outside of the box.

A source told, "Vince loves the gimmick and feels that she has opened up a world of opportunities to sell more merchandise and for her to do some community outreach with the kids. She took the initiative and she got rewarded last night."

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"She brings a lot to the table and she made herself much more valuable with this superhero gimmick," the source said.