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Vince McMahon has changed his stance on using managers in WWE

Vince McMahon has reversed his stance on using managers. It’s no secret that McMahon was not a fan of managers, which is why Paul Ellering was not brought up to the main roster with The Authors Of Pain. Managers were a big part of WWE programming in the 70’s and 80’s but they started to fizzle out into the 1990’s as McMahon felt they were not needed.

However, according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the success of Paul Heyman has caused McMahon to rethink things.

Dave Meltzer reports that WWE is back to using more managers on their shows, which is why they brought in Drake Maverick as AOP’s manager. Lio Rush was brought into Raw this week as Bobby Lashley’s manager on Raw.

Meltzer added that there have been talks of bringing in managers from the independent scene for future roles. Presumably, Rush and Maverick will continue as wrestlers on 205 Live.

Click below to see Rush’s Raw debut as Lashley’s manager:

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