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Vince McMahon not happy with reports of how much money he lost

Last Friday it was reported that Vince McMahon lost $340 million when the NBCU announcement was made. He's lost more than that since Friday.

Sources close to Vince say that he is not phased by the money he lost since he has so much money but the reports on him losing the money and the publicity of the stock price dropping drives him crazy. He doesn't like people saying negative things about him business wise. He also doesn't like the stories about him no longer being a billionaire.

Naturally, some may wonder if WWE would ever take the company private again so they can keep the company financial information in house. That doesn't look like it will happen. The company is very strong on staying public because it makes them more of a legitimate company and helps get them more respect. There's been no hint of the company going private again.

News from this morning's Wrestling Observer radio was used in this post. Please visit for subscription information.

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