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Vince Russo not happy with Sasha Banks' "bra and panties" comment from Raw



Vince Russo took issue with Sasha Banks' promo on Monday Night Raw. During her promo, she talked about women moving away from Bra and panties matches and into the women's revolution. She talked about women's wrestling getting respect and she gave a shout out to some of the women that helped pave the way for today's women wrestlers.

Apparently, Russo took issue with the "bra and panties" comment and didn't bother to listen to the rest of her promo. If Russo was paying attention to the rest of her promo then he would have realized that Banks was not taking a shot at the women that wrestled in bra and panties matches. His claim about bra and panties matches being a necessity is false because WWE was already winning the war against WCW in early 1998 before they started doing those type of matches.

Banks put over two women that were involved in some of those bra and panties matches and eventually overcame the stigma put on the women at the time. Lita and Trish broke through because of their in-ring work while the company was still pushing sex for ratings well past the Attitude era. The decision to focus on serious women's wrestling is paying off and fans seem to like the changes. The days of women being slotted in the "bathroom break" slot are over.

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Russo's comments are below:

"The GREAT women wrestlers before Sasha didn't book the bra-n-panties matches--Ed and I did to HELP WIN A WAR. A WAR that saved the company."

"I'm a Sasha Banks fan, but I think she just slighted some GREAT female athletes who performed at top levels while drawing huge ratings."

"What a bunch of sexists PIGS. Guys can show off their bodies in short trunks, but women aren't allowed to? Somebody call Sports Illustrated"