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WATCH: Brie Bella announces when she plans on returning to the ring



There are a lot of people out there who have come back from horrible injuries to wrestle for WWE. Some people make a return after fans were sure they'd never see them lace up their boots ever again.

Well, if other people can come back from broken necks and car crashes to wrestle again Brie Bella doesn't see anything keeping her from returning to the ring after having a baby.

You can see footage from a panel at the San Diego Comic Con below that there was no shortage of outstanding female talent there representing WWE. Two women who had a lot of attention on them were the Bella Twins. But then again, Nikki and Brie are used to that kind of attention at this point.

Brie was asked about the painful process of giving birth to Birdie Joe Danielson and her fourteen inch head. Then she revealed something rather interesting. Brie said she plans on returning to the ring and has a really great coach to help her out. You might have heard of her coach before because it is her husband, SmackDown Live GM, and Bearded GOAT Daniel Bryan.

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Brie revealed when she expects to be back in the squared circle to a roar of applause from the crowd in attendance. It will be cool to see Brie return but if Birdie Joe's momma plans on getting back in the ring she better be prepared to work because as you can see by the panel in the video there is plenty of amazing female talent in WWE these days.

So what do you think? Are you excited to hear her yell "Brie mode" once again in 2018?

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