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WATCH: Graphic Footage of Finn Balor after being destroyed by Elias Samson’s guitar on Raw

Finn Balor and Elias Samson seem to be feuding hard and on last night’s Raw their rivalry was kicked up a notch. The Drifter grabbed his guitar and demolished it over Balor sending the first-ever Universal Champion to the ground like a ton of bricks.

The force of the guitar smashing spot split Balor wide open on the side of his head and WWE officials immediately swarmed around him. After this segment was over, Finn had to stand on the ramp and watch Bray Wyatt cut a promo on him while he bled out of the side of his head.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed this botched spot on Wrestling Observer Radio where he talked about how there was no way this went according to plan.

“That was a screw up” Dave Meltzer noted. “You could tell he was trying to hit him in the shoulder but when he hit him with the body of the guitar in the shoulder the side of the guitar nailed the guy in the side of the head and split his head open. So it ended up being dangerous as sh-t, but the idea — like a lot of people are going ‘oh my god they let him just — like they banned stuff to protect the head and this guy whacked this guy and spit him open!’ You know with something that was worse than 95% of the chair shots to the head.”

“But it was in fact — I mean right, but it was an accident. It was very clear watching it when they showed the replay he was aiming for the shoulder and it was just unfortunate and sh-t happens in wrestling and you know — he may, you know… [Finn] may have a concussion out of that one.”

One thing is for sure, Finn Balor doesn’t need another injury especially a concussion. As you can see from the picture Finn posted below, this injury was no laughing matter.

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