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WATCH: John Cena opens up on why he enjoys watching WWE 205 Live

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WATCH: John Cena opens up on why he enjoys watching WWE 205 Live

It turns out that former WWE Champion John Cena is a big fan of WWE 205 Live, which is the cruiserweight show of the sports entertainment company.

Although the launch of the show on the WWE Network was a bit rocky, for the past several months, the show got back to its roots under the creative vision of Triple H. “The Game” oversees the booking of the show just like he did with the Cruiserweight Classic.

Cena has been working WWE events since late last month, and during a recent video that was published by Jack Gallagher on Twitter, Cena talked about why he loves watching 205 Live.

“For the longest time, it was always thought that you had to be a certain build or a certain type of personality to make any sort of impact,” Cena stated. “What I love about 205 Live is all of you guys are given a chance to break that stereotype.” Cena added, “I don’t feel this company or sports entertainment at all should be chained to a certain look, to a certain style, it should cater to what you guys want!”

H/T to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet for the transcript

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