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WATCH: Naomi shows off her new glowing SmackDown Women's Title



There is a long history of creative titles in WWE. Stone Cold had his own Smoking Skull title belt, and The Rock even had a Brahma Bull belt (although he never got to use it). John Cena's Spinner Belts were amazing too and that tradition carried on long after Cena dropped his title. Needless to say, specialty titles are nothing new but they've never glowed like this before.

Naomi debuted her brand new glowing SmackDown Women's title on last night's Fourth Of July edition of SmackDown Live. It was brightly colored and eye catching to match her amazing entrance. If you've never seen Naomi's entrance before it really is worth watching. She turns the entire arena into a rave party only glow-sticks have nothing on Naomi's glow.

The current SmackDown Women's Champion decided she wanted to show off her awesome new title belt on Twitter as she said people "can't stop my glow." Out of all the custom title belts we've seen surface through the years this one is certainly the most recent.

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The fact that WWE gave Naomi such a cool custom belt in line with her character certainly gives off the impression she is going to hold that title for a while. While she could always lose her SmackDown Women's Championship sooner than later, a glowing belt wouldn't have nearly the same meaning on someone else as it does on her. This brightly colored belt design might have taken some time to produce and probably went through a bit of testing, so who knows how long it's been in the pipeline. But Naomi's glowing belt is finally a reality and it's super cool.

She made very quick work of Lana last night and has been showing a real experienced side to her character as well. At this point the girl who first showed up alongside Cameron with Brodus Clay is no longer the Funkadactyls people used to know. Naomi is the SmackDown Women's champion and she wants everyone to Feel The Glow.