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WATCH: Paige on the possibility of coming out of retirement, the advice Edge gave her, working with The Rock and more



WSVN-TV entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet interviewed Paige at Royal Rumble Axxess today in Phoenix, AZ.

She talked about her new movie with The Rock called "Fighting With My Family", how she wrote her retirement speech, the advice that Edge gave her about her injury and the possibility of coming out of retirement.

Thanks to Chris Van Vliet for the transcription. Scroll down to see the full interview.

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On the possibility of coming out of retirement:
"Mine is all spinal, it's kind of like Edge or Stone Cold. It's spinal stenosis. There is no way I can get back in the ring. But never say never. Maybe in about 40 years time but I don't think you're going to want to see like a 60-odd year old girl in the ring, you know?"

How much time did she have to prepare her retirement speech?
"Not much at all. They wanted me to say a certain thing in there, but I didn't know what it was for but they were like make sure you say this sentence, the rest just speak from the heart. So not a lot of planning at all, it was like 'Ok, you gotta do your speech today' and I was like 'Ok.' That was the most nerve-wracking speech I've ever done too."

The advice that Edge gave her about her before she retired:
"The night that I was giving the retirement speech, Edge was backstage so I sat down with him and talked to him and he was like 'I promise you you're going to feel so much better after this because you know it was coming so when you finally deliver it there will be a whole weight off your shoulders. And when you get on stage after your promo just close your eyes and take it all in' and that's exactly what I did. Edge is an incredible human and definitely one of my heroes so it meant a lot to me."

How hands on was The Rock for the movie "Wrestling With My Family"?
"He's very hands on with this, it's pretty much his baby. He just has a wonderful team too that is always hands on. Steven Merchant who directed and wrote it, would hit me up every single day and everyone was like 'They love this movie and I love this movie and we just hope that you love this movie.'"