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WATCH: Steve Austin rips Mike Rome: "You got no business interviewing someone like me"



If you missed the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw, then you didn't miss a ton of stuff. The general consensus seems to be that the show was lackluster and some things seemed rushed because they needed to cram so much into the show between the nostalgia and the Royal Rumble hype.

With that being said, the best segment on the show according to most of the reaction I've seen online was the opening segment featuring The McMahon's and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin looked great and hasn't aged much since he retired in 2003. Austin hugged hit the Stone Cold Stunner twice on Shane McMahon and once on Vince McMahon for old times sake.

The one complaint about the segment was that Austin did not get a chance to cut a promo. After all, he is in the top 5 of all-time great wrestling promos so why not let him talk before hitting the stunners?

Well, after the segment, he was interviewed by Mike Rome in an online exclusive and Austin was not exactly in a great mood. Or he was just doing a great job at selling what he just did to Vince McMahon. Austin berated Rome because it seemed like Rome was not prepared to ask more than one question.

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Austin said, "Do you know who you’re talking to? My name is Stone Cold Steve Austin. I actually drew money. I actually was the World Heavyweight Champion. I won three Royal Rumbles and you bring me all the way out here to the east coast, to Brooklyn, you got one sorry ass question for me. You’re a chump, you need to go back to your house and do your homework, because next time when Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up, I want a proper interview, proper camera time, proper mic time...hell, proper interview personnel! You got no business interviewing someone like me, son. You're way out of your league. Go back and do your homework."

Check out the interview by clicking on the video below. It's classic Stone Cold.

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