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What WWE could do with the Cruiserweight Title (updated)

Enzo Amore

UPDATE:Amore has been released.

ORIGINAL: Enzo Amore has been accused of rape and although the case is still open and no charges have been filed, WWE took action and suspended the Realest Guy In The Room.

But with Enzo Amore's Cruiserweight title defense scheduled for the Royal Rumble against Cedric Alexander, something needs to be done when it comes to the story. However, with this news coming to light in a public sense on the day of Raw's 25th Anniversary special, WWE didn't have time to figure out what will happen with the Cruiserweight Title after Enzo' suspension.

"There was really no time they could [do anything during Raw 25] -- they had too much going on on the show tonight," Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio, "and it happened literally before the show started where [WWE] realized they would have to make a call."

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"There will probably be something announced perhaps on 205 Live where you kind of have to start talking about that and the Royal Rumble and what you're gonna do. There's obviously a match at the Royal Rumble that's not gonna happen. And again, what are they gonna do about the championship? Are they gonna do a match at the Rumble for the title? Are they gonna do a match tomorrow night? Are they gonna do a tournament? I mean, who knows?"

WWE has a few options but they need to figure out something quickly because depending on how this case goes, Enzo Amore might never be back on WWE television. Something will happen with the Cruiserweight Title, but the day of Ra2w 25 wasn't the time to "chart all that out." But WWE had no real choice on the matter considering their policy, "at this point WWE, based on the fact the police are investigating and there are tests involved and things like that and it's out there, WWE had to do what they had to do".

Therefore, someone needs to carry 205 Live's top title, and it doesn't look like Amore will be able to defend it in the meantime while this investigation carries on.

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