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When WWE decided Daniel Bryan was getting a welcome back beatdown

Daniel Bryan is back and it’s worth shouting from the mountaintops. People were so happy to see him make his return and knew something amazing was on the way.

Instead, what fans received was a brutal display where Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn assaulted the SmackDown Live GM complete with a Helluva Kick and a powerbomb to the apron.

A lot of people wondered why WWE went straight for the money so quickly with an immediate assault and as it turns out there was no other motive than to tell a great story.

“I think that it was those three guys trying to get an angle over and that was it,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Live. “I don’t think he was out there trying to prove anything but to get an angle over but it does show people that right away… you know everything that he did, it was more than unexpected that he was gonna do.”

Kevin and Sami left Bryan a brutal mess and it worked very well to get major heat for the Yep Movement but apparently, this angle wasn’t even in the plans at all, even after it was ruled that Bryan was cleared to compete once again.

“Another funny thing about that is him doing something physical on that show was legitimately not decided until just hours before the show. I mean it was thrown in at the last second. Even when he was cleared there was nothing going on where he was going to do something physical.”

“Then it was kinda like, ‘well what about this? You know he is cleared, let’s do this angle.’ And it was like, ‘yeah let’s do this angle he’s cleared. So that was a very late re-write.”

Daniel Bryan might be cleared to compete, but throwing him straight into the deep end with a double powerbomb from Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn still scared me to death. I can only hope WWE has big plans for Daniel Bryan at this point because he is still super over with the fans.

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