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Which New Day member won the vote to become Carmella's partner for the Mixed Match Challenge?



There was a little popularity contest going between the members of the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions recently because all three members of the New Day were on a poll to determine who would get to be Carmella's partner for WWE Mixed Match Challenge.

The Princess Of Staten Island would have probably done well with Big E, Kofi Kingston, or Xavier Woods but the results seemed unanimous as Big E walked away as the winner with 47% of the vote.

You can't be too heartbroken for Kofi and Xavier though. After all, they still get plenty of work and could very well accompany the new team we're calling "Big Mella" (I hope it sticks) to the ring. Also, Xavier Woods has enough to worry about already seeing how he is representing the Booty Shaking Unicorn Lovers Club in the tournament to become the new US Champion.

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WWE Mixed Match Challenge is set for next week and will air after SmackDown Live exclusively on Facebook Watch.

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