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Who really gets credit for creating the Boiler Room Brawl?



Some of our favorite WWE moments didn't even happen in the ring. Whether they occurred in empty arenas, supermarkets, or on a pier there are no lengths to where WWE will go to hold a moment you'll never forget.

The Boiler Room Brawl was certainly a match we can never forget and it happened twenty-one years ago. Bruce Prichard recently discussed this famous match between The Undertaker and Mankind on an episode of Something To Wrestle With where they went into SummerSlam 1996 in full detail.

"I think that it was Vince McMahon that finally came up with the Boiler Room Brawl," Prichard said. "And it was from [Jim] Cornette and I trying to come up with a different environment to hold the match that would be, you know what could be Mankind's match that Undertaker would not be at home in and we wanted to do something different and we kept talking about the dungeon and where Mankind lived and where he would hang out."

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"Then we started doing the vignettes with Mankind being in the boiler room. Which is just kinda happen when we'd shoot vignettes with Mankind at TV we would always just go find the boiler room. Find the bowels of the building and shoot Mankind in there because it always had the best ominous -- dark and ominous feel to it."

"So the idea [for the Boiler Room Brawl] was to put them in Mankind -- in his home and that was the boiler room, every building had a boiler room. Every building had the bowels of the building and Vince dubbed it the Boiler Room Brawl."

The original Boiler Room Brawl is worth the watch if you've never seen it and even worth your time if you remember it from back in the day because it holds up well. If you're a fan of the famous match you have Jim Cornette and Bruce Prichard to thank, but ultimately it was Vince McMahon's call to hold the famous gimmick wrestling match.

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