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Why WWE picked Jason Jordan as Kurt Angle's big reveal on Raw



Kurt Angle's big reveal that Jason Jordan is his long-lost baby boy was a shocking event that left many people scratching their heads. After Raw had concluded, Dave Meltzer tackled the subject on Wrestling Observer Radio where he discussed how well Angle's angle got over.

"Well obviously watching the TV and seeing the crowd reaction, the crowd wasn't happy at all" Dave Meltzer said. "They just thought -- it was so flat. Even Kurt's trying to cheerlead the crowd. You know you get -- you could look in the crowd and see there's like -- in every crowd there's like the diehards they're gonna cheer anything because they feel it's their duty and in a Raw crowd that's a very small percentage of the people and they were the only ones -- I mean it was like, you could see those lonely people trying to cheer and act like this was something great thing. Everybody else had this 'this is bullsh-t.'"

"Now having said that it may help Jason Jordan -- it may hurt him."

"I'm gonna guess he was going nowhere, but you get that stigma" Meltzer continued. "You see, now the problem is he was going nowhere slowly but now he has to be pushed. And if he doesn't succeed on his push he's gonna be one of those guys like Drew Galloway or you know, that was given the big push and didn't succeed and then they're kinda like screwed. Whereas he was gradually pushed -- let's put it this way it wouldn't be like he's a failure it's a slow build thing. But now it's like he's gonna have to be pushed and if it doesn't take things are gonna be regarded as a failure and we'll see what happens."

"Obviously he's a good athlete" Meltzer continued. Meltzer said Jordan can do some impressive things even though he's mostly just seen him in tag matches. He said he's got great fire and great hot tags, although he also noted this means nothing as a singles wrestler.

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"It's better than if it was Dixie Carter because Dixie Carter would be like the writers trying to shock people because it would be like 'oh my god he's having an affair with Dixie Carter what's he gonna do?'" Meltzer said there would be nothing WWE could have done if it was Dixie because there would have been no match as a payoff. "The Stephanie McMahon thing would be best but they were never gonna do that. You know if they were gonna do that they would have done it seventeen years ago and they put a stop to that one and it's just not gonna happen. So this is what we got. I think that.. I mean time will tell based on how the push goes and everything."

Dave Meltzer also said he watched the WWE Network special that aired after Raw and he had to give WWE credit in the sense that they did a believable job in trying to sell something nobody believes. He said Kurt was pretty good and so was Jason Jordan but in the end, only time will tell how this "weak payoff" will end up. So don't write it off just yet because just because it wasn't a smash hit from day one doesn't mean it can't get any better.

"As far as Jason Jordan and not somebody else, I don't know" Meltzer concluded. "I have no idea [...] You know of the two [members of American Alpha] I've always thought this, I've always thought Chad Gable was the star of the team."

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