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Woken Matt Hardy to become Broken soon?

You can never count out Matt Hardy and his Woken Wisdom and as it turns out you can’t count out his Broken Brilliance either.

It seems that losing so quickly to Bray Wyatt at Raw 25 might have sparked something interesting deep within the oldest Hardy brother and he might need to reconsider his approach.

In a social media message, Matt Hardy said he has been mandated by the 7 deities to focus on his Broken beginnings. It’s really hard to tell what that means, but it could turn out to result in any number of outcomes.

Perhaps Hardy might need to step up his game if he plans on defeating The Eater Of Worlds? But whatever he does in the future will probably be entertaining because not only is that a calling card of Matt at this point, but this feud is apparently far from over as well.

Matt Hardy won his epic legal battle with Impact Wrestling so he could theoretically become Broken once more, and if that happens then WWE is in for way more than just smiles and manic laughter, that’s for sure.

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