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Wrestling reporter says WWE told him not to post spoilers from their shows



WWE is apparently fine with fans posting spoilers from their shows but don't think about it if you work for a wrestling site. At least that is the message that was apparently sent to JJ Williams at last night's Mae Young Classic tapings.

Williams' Twitter bio says he is affiliated with the Wrestling Observer website and he is known to attend most WWE shows in the Orlando area (specifically NXT tapings) and there never seemed to be a problem until last night. He noted on Twitter that he was told not to post match finishes online.

Williams followed up with more details: "I was approached and specifically told that they would have to ask me to leave for posting finishes. I asked is that the new rule for everyone? I was told no, it was just the rule for me because I 'work for a dirt sheet'"

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Williams added, "I was also told that if it was any other fan they wouldn't care. Simply because the Wrestling Observer endorses me as their reliable person on site I have now been singled out and am less than a fan to WWE. At this point I have no idea what I can and can not post. Any photos from tonight would be a spoiler as to who advanced, these tickets were $50 per night and yes I always pay for my own tickets to events so why would I risk being removed over petty drama? The worst part is all I've ever wanted to do was promote the talent with photos and gifs in addition to showing up. There's nothing I can do, I'm not even shocked, mostly disappointed, and even if I'm less than "just a fan" I'll still be at Full Sail tonight having a great time."

If this is true, then it would seem odd for them to single out someone at the Wrestling Observer website, especially since Triple H has been complimentary towards Dave Meltzer. Meltzer even appeared in the Andre The Giant documentary, a joint effort by HBO and WWE.