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WWE 2K16 Future Stars DLC pack causes major issues for users


2K Games has temporarily pulled the WWE 2K16 Future Stars DLC pack from the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store due to the issues it caused in “Universe Mode.”

2K Games posted the following on the official WWE 2K16 forums:

Future Stars Pack to be temporarily pulled from digital stores

WARNING: DO NOT DOWNLOAD the Future Stars Pack for WWE 2K16 if you play Universe Mode, as it will affect that mode's saved data file.

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As the development team continues working on the patch fix for the Universe Mode save issue connected to the Future Stars Pack, we wanted to offer an update for the weekend.

1) We are imminently pulling the Future Stars Pack DLC from the Xbox One and Xbox 360 digital stores. We will restore the DLC pack once the patch fix is ready for release. When we have a release date and time for the patch fix, we will let the community know as soon as possible.

2) We are exploring removal of the Future Stars Pack DLC from the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 digital stores. Again, we will update the community on the patch fix release date and timing, as well as DLC availability on the digital stores.

We are temporarily removing the Future Stars Pack to prevent further players from losing saved data in Universe Mode. If you have already downloaded the Future Stars Pack, you can continue using its content in WWE 2K16.

Once again, we apologize to the WWE 2K16 community and will let everyone know of any updates as soon as possible.