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WWE Clash Of Champions results: Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins (WWE Universal Championship)



The WWE Universal Championship was on the line tonight as Seth Rollins faced off with Champion Kevin Owens at WWE Clash Of Champions. These guys have wrestled before but it's their first one-on-one match in WWE.

This was a really good match, as expected. Late in the match, Owens hit a gutbuster on Rollins off the top rope. Owens immediately went back up and hit the frog splash but Rollins kicked out. The show was at 11:00pm eastern at that point. Both men made their way over to the spanish announcer's table. Owens did a running senton back splash onto Rollins from one announcer's table to the other but Rollins moved out of the way and Owens crashed through the table as fans chanted "this is awesome."

Chris Jericho ran down and distracted Rollins. Owens hit Rollins with a kick to the ribs and a package piledriver and almost got the win. Jericho got up on the apron and yelled instructions at Owens but Rollins ran Owens into Jericho. Rollins got a 2 count. Rollins hit a knee to the face and the Pedigree and would have had the pin if Jericho didn't put Owens' foot on the bottom rope. The referee was knocked down and Jericho got involved again but Rollins turned things around and hit another Pedigree. Rollins couldn't get the pin because the referee was down. Jericho attacked Rollins with the ref still down.

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Stephanie McMahon sent another referee down to the ring and Owens surprised Rollins with the pop up powerbomb. Keep in mind that Rollins had to fight off Owens and Jericho. Owens got the pin and he retains the title.

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