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WWE Day 1 results: Brock Lesnar wins WWE Championship

In the main event at WWE Day 1, Big E defended his WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Bobby Lashley in a Fatal 5-Way match. Lesnar was inserted into the match because of Roman Reigns testing positive for COVID-19.

Everyone went to attack Lesnar but he fought back and he hit several people with German suplexes. Big E knocked Lesnar out of the ring but Lashley picked up Big E and drove him into the ring post. Lashley then speared Lensar through the barricade. Lesnar also took a splash from Owens on the floor. Rollins and Owens worked together to hit Lesnar with steel steps and thus, keeping Lesnar out of the match. Big E picked up and slammed through the announcer’s table.

Back in the ring, Big E had to fight off both Rollins and Owens. Rollins tried to finish off E with the stomp but Lensar ran in and gave the F5 to all of the men in the ring but Lashley speared Lesnar and almost pinned him. Lashley put Lesnar in the Hurt Lock but Big E attacked Lashley. E hit the Big Ending on Lashley but Lesnar hit the F5.

Lashley stared down Lesnar as he walked towards the backstage area.

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