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WWE Day 1 results: The Usos paid tribute to The Dudley Boyz in fantastic match against New Day

The main card for WWE Day 1 kicked off with the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match. The Usos put their titles on the line against New Day members Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston.

Jimmy Uso and King Woods started the match. Jimmy and Jey got the advantage after Kingston tagged into the match. The pace of the match started out very slow, possibly because they needed to go longer because of the Universal Title match being scrapped.

Woods tried a few times to tag in but he was cut off and The Usos continued to beat on Kingston. Kingston was finally able to hit a DDT off the top on Jey and he tagged out at the same time as Jey did. The pace picked up when Kingston tagged back in the match. Kingston hit a splash off the top on Jimmy and almost pinned him.

Kingston went for Trouble in Paradise but Jey countered with a kick and Jimmy tagged in and hit a splash off the top. Late in the match, there were several close near falls for Woods and Kingston, including one after Woods hit a knee off the top on Jimmy. Fans were really into this match and they popped for all of the big spots and near falls. Jimmy and Jey regained control of the match with stereo superkicks and stereo Uso splashes. Jey made the cover on Kingston but Woods broke it up.

The Usos finally won the match after hitting the 3D, apparently as a tribute to the Dudley Boyz.

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