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WWE exploring a large venue in Florida for SummerSlam and other events

WWE/ composite

WWE/ composite

Word broke on Wednesday that WWE was not able to lock down a location outside of Florida for SummerSlam.

The targeted location for this show was in Atlantic City because Vince McMahon wanted to get out of Florida and the Performance Center. reported that the event will not be taking place in Atlantic City, but rather in Florida. Some took this as it would be held at the Performance Center.

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WrestleVotes sent out a series of photos on Twitter of four WWE moments that just so happened to take place from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

Jon Alba mentioned the hint from WrestleVotes, but when reaching out to the arena was told that the center was shut down for the rest of the year. However, he was told by a source in WWE that the company was exploring the possibility of not only holding SummerSlam but also other events at the arena going forward.

“Re: @WrestleVotes hinting #WWE may hold #SummerSlam at Amway Center in Orlando: I spoke to a rep today who said “as of now” the arena is closed until next year. But said that if something was finalized recently, word would not come down the ranks as of yet. So def. Possible.”

“Per a source: #WWE is not just exploring #SummerSlam at Amway Center in Orlando, but also utilizing the facility going forward for other events. As I noted below, the arena is currently "closed" until next year, which would seemingly mean nothing is on the docket.”