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WWE Extreme Rules: Asuka vs. Sasha Banks - Raw Women's Championship



Asuka put her Raw Women's Championship on the line at The Horror Show at WWE Extrem Rules.

Notes written during the match:

Asuka had Kairi Sane in her corner and Bayley was in the corner of Sasha Banks. Earlier in the night, Banks helped Bayley retain the SmackDown Women's Championship in her match with Nikki Cross.

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Early in the match, Asuka was able to lock in the armbar but Banks rolled to the bottom rope to break the hold. Banks got back on offense for several minutes, including locking in a butterfly lock followed by stomps to the chest but Asuka was able to fight back with a spinning backlist but Asuka charged and Banks caught her with her legs and drove Asuka into the turnbuckle but Asuka hit a codebreaker on Banks from the middle rope.

Both women fought on the apron and at ringside with Banks picking up Asuka and ramming her into the barricade. Back in the ring, Banks hit a frog splash and she followed up with the Banks Statement but Asuka got to the bottom rope to break the hold. Asuka got back on offense with a German suplex and kicks to the body and a pin attempt that Banks kicked out of. Asuka hit another German suplex and a hip attack but Banks kicked out of the pin attempt. Asuka went for a dropkick off the top but Banks moved and hit a knee to the face and then a near fall that Asuka kicked out of.

Asuka fought back and tried a German suplex off the top but Banks reversed and landed on her knees. Banks began to favor her left knee. They traded blows as Banks continued to favor her knee. Asuka had the Asuka Lock on as Bayley tried to interfere. Kairi Sane blocked Bayley but Bayley took out Sane at ringside. Asuka got Banks to tap but the ref wasn't looking. Bayley tried to get involved but Asuka nailed her with a kick to the face. Sasha grabbed the Woemen's Tag belt but the ref took it away from her and Asuka got up. Asuka spit out green mist but Sasha moved and the ref took the mist in the face. Bayley nailed Asuka with the belt as the ref was blinded. Bayley took the shirt off the ref and she put it on and she decided to count Asuka out. Sasha's music played as she celebrated her title "win" with Bayley. Clearly, Banks is not the real champion but they want the fans to think this for now until Raw when they give the title back to Asuka.

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