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WWE Extreme Rules: Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt, Alexa Bliss appears in the Swamp Fight

The Swamp Fight between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt closed out The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules.

Wyatt sat in a rocking chair as he watched Braun arrive in his vehicle. The lights went out and back on and then Bray was gone from his chair so Braun went to look for him as images of animals flashed. Bray appeared out of nowhere and attacked Braun.

Braun laid on the ground as he looked up to see the Wyatt Family version of himself standing over him. The old Braun swung a weapon at the current Braun but the screen went to black.

All of a sudden, Braun was strapped with a chain to a chair as Bray’s old music played and Bray appeared dressed as his original main roster character. Bray said he can’t be hurt because he’s already dead and he has missed Braun. Bray told Braun that he is not his enemy and the human race is a bacteria that invades and destroys. Bray said that he and Braun together could be like gods.

Bray told Braun that he needs to destroy him in order to get him to be the monster he wants him to be but Braun said he would never do Bray’s bidding. A mysterious figure walked in with a snake and the snake bit Braun in the face.

The scene cuts to outside where Braun is free but he is fighting off men wearing black. One of the men were set on fire and he ran off into the darkness. A women was heard calling out Braun’s name and telling him to come home. The woman was Alexa Bliss telling Braun that she knows that he’s wanted to be with her and he should follow her home. Bray attacked out of nowhere but Braun fought him off and tossed him into a boat and the boat took off and then it returned with no one inside it. Bruan went into the water and he was attacked by Bray. Braun was able to escape out of the water as images of children appeared. Then Bray appeared and hit Braun with a shovel and punches to the head. Braun fought back and then ended up on a pier and Bray repeatedly hit Braun with a large stick or something.

Bray started to peer out as Braun got up behind him. Braun shoved Bray into the water and Braun declared that the fight was over but Bray appeared and locked in the Mandible Claw and pulled Braun into the water. The Fiend then appeared out of the water as the show went off the air so apparently, Bray won the match.

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