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Mustafa Ali claimed in a recent post on Twitter that he was nearly given Hulk Hogan’s music for a new gimmick.

The WWE star previously tweeted about how he wanted to be a message for his fans and promised them that they will see more of the real side of him when he appears on TV again. Ali also noted that he tried to tone himself down in an attempt to be more marketable in the past.

In response to this, a fan suggested that it would’ve been cool to see him come out to Hogan’s music as a way to send the message that anyone can be a real American regardless of their background.

Ali revealed that was once the plan, but didn’t explain why it didn’t happen.

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Ali began a storyline on SmackDown where he referenced a "New America” last Fall, but the storyline was dropped after one week. This appears to be around the time when WWE had plans for Ali to use the iconic music.

Last November, Ali was put on the sidelines following a heated argument with Vince McMahon, but was brought back to television in April. Although Ali hasn't done much since being brought back to Raw, he has been praised for his matches on WWE Main Event.