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A WWE Raw star promises the fans will see more of the real side of him when he appears on TV again.

Mustafa Ali said the following on Twitter:

i’ve always found myself toning down who i am to be more “marketable”…and because of that i find myself trying to find myself. im pakistani. im indian. im american. im muslim. im mustafa ali. and im gonna embrace all that. screw being marketable. im gonna be a message.

Ali returned to WWE television in April after being shelved from storylines following a heated argument with Vince McMahon last November. 

Last Fall, Ali began a storyline on SmackDown where he referenced a "New America." The storyline was dropped after just one week. “You people choose to cheer for Drew McIntyre,” Ali said on the 10/29 episode of SmackDown. “You choose to root against me and the only reason you choose to root against me is because my name is Mustafa Ali!”

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Ali later said the following on Twitter about the scrapped storyline: "a few weeks ago, I made a statement that some deemed controversial. my intentions were to bring a beautiful vision to life. unfortunately, for reasons beyond my control, I won’t be able to make that vision a reality. but I can share with you what could have been."

Fightful reported that Ali was asked by Vince McMahon to do something that "Mustafa Ali would never have done." It's unclear what this pitch was but this was said to be the catalyst for the heated argument. In January, Ali reiterated that he wanted his release to be granted.

Ali hasn't done much since being brought back to Raw in April but he has had some great matches on Main Event with names such as T-Bar and Finn Balor. He recently teamed with Cedric Alexander against Ciampa and The Miz. Fans on social media have taken notice and it now looks like he has been given the green light to be himself on WWE TV. Check out his tweet and photo below.