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WWE has made a change to Buddy Murphy's name



Several years ago when Buddy Murphy started in NXT he worked as simply "Murphy." The name was eventually changed to "Buddy Murphy" but now it looks like his last name is being taken away again.

Going forward, he will simply be known as Murphy. The change has been reflected on his profile and it's likely coming from Vince McMahon since McMahon has been known to go back-and-forth on wrestlers having a last name. Charlotte Flair is one of the well-known examples as she was Charlotte for a while and they've gone back-and-forth on whether she should have a last name.

Murphy is in the middle of the biggest push of his career being aligned with Seth Rollins as the Raw Tag Team Champions. Paul Heyman is said to be a big fan of his work and there are plans to do more to move him up the card this year.

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Fans will start to notice the Murphy name change on WWE's social media posts and on Raw this coming Monday.