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WWE is experimenting with a cameraman in the ring during matches



WWE began experimenting with a new production technique on tonight's NXT 2.0 broadcast.

Fans in attendance noted that a WWE cameraman was standing in the ring at various points during the show. The wrestlers basically worked around the cameraman and the show was shot in a way so that the viewers at home could not notice the cameraman in the ring.

PWInsider noted that this happened during the Grizzled Young Veterans vs. The Creed Brothers match and at other times during the show. Another thing that has been noticeable in the last couple of weeks is the increased amount of jump cuts. That has been something that Kevin Dunn relies on for the main roster broadcasts and that production technique has made its way to NXT 2.0.

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As for the cameraman in the ring, if WWE is happy with the experiment, then don't be surprised if they tried this on the main roster shows at some point.