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WWE is teasing a heel turn, new member of The Hurt Business



This week on WWE Monday Night Raw, The Hurt Business went out to the ring to celebrate Bobby Lashley winning the United States Championship last night at Payback.

MVP asked Cedric Alexander if he's had a change of heart about joining The Hurt Business Faction. Alexander made it clear that he was not going to join them and then he and The Viking Raiders attacked them. This, of course, led to a 6-man tag team match.

Alexander grabbed the tights and pinned MVP but MVP seemed happy about this and he told Lashley and Benjamin to back off on attacking him. The Hurt Business were seen clapping for Alexander as the left the area. The camera also caught Alexander giving a smile back at MVP.

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This is interesting because the original plan was for Apollo Crews to turn heel and join the group but that plan appears to have been dropped.

UPDATE: After the commercial break, The Hurt Business attacked Alexander. Ricochet and Apollo Crews ran to the rescue after the damage was done.