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WWE locker room: Big E deserved better, he's a magnificent human being who doesn't deserve this treatment



As previously reported, Big E is now back on SmackDown and his main event push appears to be done for now. Many fans have said that he deserved a better title run and, per Wade Keller on a recent PWTorch audio show, people in the WWE locker room feel the same way.

Keller said, "I've asked around, and all I've gotten is people who are really upset, you know, with the rug being pulled out from under him, and I haven't heard anything about there being an awareness of an issue with him and I think the people I have asked would know."

Keller said he hasn't heard anything negative about Big E that would cause WWE to push him back down the card and he speculated that perhaps management felt that they were teaching him some sort of lesson but Keller stressed that he doesn't know for sure why he was moved out of the main event picture.

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Keller said, "Big E doesn't seem like the type of person who would do anything that anyone else would see as a problem but, you know, I could imagine him not knowing his place, according to some management [and maybe they feel] that now they're gonna teach him a lesson because he dared to push back against something he didn't like that he was being asked to do, but I haven't heard of anything concrete as far as that goes."

Keller added that people in the locker room always have great things to say about him and feel that he deserves better.

Keller said, "But, I mean, one person just described him as a magnificent human being who doesn't deserve this treatment."

This past Friday on SmackDown, Big E teamed with Kofi Kingston and defeated Los Lotharios. Xavier Woods is expected back from injury and will presumably Woods and E on TV soon.

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