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WWE news on Baron Corbin’s heat stemming from comments on another WWE star and a military veteran

More details have come out on what happened with Baron Corbin over the last couple of weeks. The Wrestling Observer newsletter is reporting that shortly after WrestleMania, the word was that Baron Corbin was due to get a big push, new music and a probably title run. The idea to have him cash in (and fail) his Money In The Bank briefcase was something that was a late decision and it may have had to do with the heat he has with people in the company.

He got a lot of heat for a Twitter exchange with Mojo Rawley. Here is what was said:

There was also the tweet directed at us over something that Dave Meltzer said. The tweet has been deleted this was the tweet that he sent us: “What matches and promos has Dave meltzer done. Ohh none! He is a old man who could never do what anyone on the roster can or could.”

That eventually led to another tweet (see below). He tagged us too but it was directed at a fan. Unbeknownst to Corbin, the person he was responding to is a military veteran Mike Gilbert and he apologized after the Gilbert posted a photo of himself of himself with Vince McMahon and other WWE Superstars during their trip to Afghanistan. Gilbert said that he deleted the tweet because he felt bad for pulling the military card and Corbin did apologize.

Corbin still has a shot at making it as a main eventer because Vince McMahon like him and sees him as a big star. The failed cash-in could have been a message sent to him but it’s likely not the end for him. In fact, based on the creative for last week’s Smackdown Live, it looks like he will be inserted into the U.S. title mix.

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