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WWE NXT star asks for permission from Taz to use his finisher



WWE NXT Superstar Dominik Dijakovic has made it known that he wants to use a move that was used by another wrestler in the past.

The prospect has requested permission from Taz to use the Tazmission, which Taz used during his time in ECW and WWE. He took to his official Twitter account to make the request by writing the following:

“Hello @OfficialTAZ, do you mind if I start using your Tazmission hold on WWE programming and events to defeat my opponents? I have found it to be a very effective maneuver. Thank you.”

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For those who may have forgotten the move, it’s half nelson choke that saw Taz put his opponent in the move with one arm by using the other arm to wrap around the opponent’s neck.

Back in May, Dijakovic underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus but has since returned to in-ring action on July 21st. Prior to his injury, he was heavily pushed and in title contention.