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WWE NXT TakeOver: Toronto results: NXT North American Championship


The NXT North American Championship match kicked off the second hour of NXT TakeOver: Toronto from Scotiabank Arena.

Velveteen Dream's entrance started off with The Mountie's theme music and then dancers dressed in Toronto Raptors gear with acknowledging their 2019 NBA Championship win. Dream wore red and a Mountie hat as part of his gear.

This match was crazy. At one point, Dream hit a coast-to-coast elbow drop on Pete Dunne while Dunne had a triangle choke locked on Roderick Strong in the other corner of the ring. Seconds later, Strong put both Dream and Dunne in the Strong Hold (elevated Boston Crab) at the same time but he couldn't hold on for long.

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Dunne hit the Bitter End on Strong and almost won but Dream broke up the pin attempt. Strong almost had the pin but Dream hit an elbow on Strong's back and pinned Dunne to retain his title. This show has been amazing.

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