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WWE officials reportedly warned of more nude photo leaks on the way



For everyone in WWE that thought that the nude photo leaks have ended, there is apparently more bad news coming. Sean Ross Sapp (who does an excellent job at is reporting that more WWE Superstar leaks are likely to come out.

Sapp reports that WWE was informed of the situation over the weekend. Just last month, WWE held a meeting with their talent at Raw and Smackdown Live to address cyber security and to give advice on how to prevent future leaks from occurring. An expert from a cyber security firm was brought in to talk about the different methods that hackers use to get into iCloud accounts, including USB drives being given as a gift and phishing emails that trick people into clicking on links that look like they came from Apple and thus, tricking people into giving up their username and passwords.

Over the past year or so, several Superstars (past and present) have been victims of photo leaks. There are some that have not commented publicly so we won't list them but, among the people that have issued statements, include Seth Rollins,Paige,Xavier Woods, and Charlotte Flair.

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We are aware of former WWE Superstars that have been affected but we are not listing their names since they have chosen not to comment publicly.

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