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WWE Payback results: Dominik and Rey Mysterio win, Seth Rollins and Murphy split coming?

In the semi-main event spot of WWE Payback, Dominik and Rey Mysterio teamed up to take on Seth Rollins and Murphy.

Match notes written in real-time:

Rey was going to start the match but it looked like a swerve because Dominik charged at Rollins and Murphy and attacked them to star the match. Dominik and Rollins wrestled for the first couple of minutes with Dominik looking impressive and frustrating Rollins. Dominik also looked great when Murhpy tagged in. Rey tagged in and hit a running low dropkick into a near fall.

It was Rollins and Rey for a couple of minutes until Murphy tagged in. There was a spot where Rollins tossed Rey across the ring and Rey landed on the knees of Murphy, who was lying on his back at ringside. Rey was able to eventually tag out and Rollins and Murphy took turns beating on Dominik.

After several minutes, Dominik was able to make the hot tag to his dad and Rey hit a flurry of offense on Rollins. Things got really good as all four men were hitting rapid moves on each other. Towards the end of the match, Rey took out Murphy at ringside with a tope suicide dive. Rey went for a move off the top on Rollins but Rollins got his knees up and then hit a superkick and almost pinned Rey. Seth also hit a wheelbarrow slam into a near fall that Rey kicked out of. Rollins and Murphy took out Dominik by throwing him into the barricade. They followed up by doing the same thing to Rey. Rollins did a running powerbomb and Murphy was supposed to kick Rey in the head but he accidentally kicked Rollins in the head.This allowed Rominik to hit the 619 on Murphy and the frog splash. Dominik pinned Murphy to win the match.

At ringside, Rollins gave Murphy a nasty look and then walked away.

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