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WWE Raw star apparently done with the company



Unless plans change and she is brought back for tomorrow's TV tapings, it looks like Kari Sane is officially done with WWE.

Sane wrestled an excellent match against SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley. Surprisingly, she was booked to win the match and it looked like they wanted to give her one good wrestling match before going back to Japan.

As previously noted, Dave Meltzer first reported several months ago that Sane would be leaving so she could be with her husband in Japan. Sane is leaving WWE on good terms and the door is open for her to make appearances for the company, especially when they tour Japan.

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If WWE wanted to try to pop a rating for SmackDown, they could always book her in a rematch with Bayley for the SmackDown Women's Championship but the post below from Natalya indicates that Sane is officially done. PWInsider said that today's tapings were the last ones for Sane. WWE also taped this week's SmackDown today so if Sane was booked for that show then Friday would be her final WWE TV appearance.